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ASF is the global home for the world’s leading open source projects for data, cloud, search, libraries, geospatial, IoT, and many more categories.

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What is an open source project?

Open source software is software with source code that anyone can view, edit, and contribute to. An open source project includes all aspects of creating, maintaining, and distributing open source software including community building and mentoring, communication, the release process, and everything in between.

Who can contribute to an open source project?

Anyone! There are many ways to contribute including code, documentation, writing blogs, promoting the project, project management, release management.

How can I contribute to an ASF open source project?

If you’re new to open source or ASF, we recommend the Community Development site to learn basic concepts, first steps, and how the ASF works. Next, find an open source project that interests you and familiarize yourself with that project’s culture and rules. ASF projects have the power to create their own self-governing rules, so one project’s process may differ from the next.

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Where do I download ASF software?

Use the link below to find and download the latest release from every ASF project. To find all releases from a particular project, you should start on the project’s own webpage, which can be found via the project directory.


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What’s the difference between an Incubating and Top-Level Project?

Top Level Projects (TLPs) are projects with healthy communities and active development. The bulk of ASF projects are TLPs. To become a TLP, a project must first successfully graduate from the Apache Incubator. Incubating projects–also called “podlings”–have yet to build a sustainable community, but have active development and are moving towards graduating to become TLPs. An incubating project will have the word “Incubating” in its project name and/or on its project website; for example Apache Foo (Incubating). Anyone can contribute to either TLP or Incubating Projects.

How do I host my open source project with the ASF?

The Apache Incubator provides services to projects that want to enter the ASF. Read the Incubator Cookbook to understand whether ASF is a good fit for your project and to understand the steps required to become an ASF podling.

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